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Since 1977, Johannesburg-based Attorney Leon Slotow and his team of consummate professional legal staff have provided the foundation to the South Africa Liquor Licence industry acting as pioneers to their clients, consultants to the National and Regional Liquor Boards and experts to the industry at large.

To this day, Leon Slotow and his staff remain the authority on all things relating to acquiring, buying and renewing a liquor licence in South Africa.

South African Liquor Licences – What do you need to know?

Owning a liquor licence in South Africa is a time-intensive and potentially expensive activity (and that’s when done by Leon and his team, unquestionably the best liquor licence consultants offering their services in South Africa today). In the hands of an inexperienced liquor licence consultant without the years of expertise or office infrastructure, this price (in Rand and, more valuably, in time) will skyrocket to unaffordable heights. We’ve seen it happen, time and time again.

Liquor Licence Application

A liquor licence begins with an application on the client’s behalf to the regional liquor board where the restaurant, bar, hotel, nite club etc will conduct its business. There are endless boxes to tick and documents to provide the board with but once the licence has been granted, the applicant can begin to sell liquor from their premises.

Renewing a Liquor Licence

Each year, (on the Anniversary date of the licence in Gauteng and before the 31st of December in all other provinces) the liquor licence must be renewed by the client. Liquor licence renewals are another important and convenient service that Leon and his staff provide his clients with. In the past, the renewal of a liquor licence was a simple and straight-forward process, but in the past years, alongside new legislation passed by the South African government, this renewal process has become far more complicated and intricate with the holder of the licence now having to practically re-apply for their liquor licence all over again. Again, a process best left in the hands of a professional South African liquor licence consultant.

Transferring a Liquor Licence

If a South African liquor license holder wants to sell his or her business along with its valuable liquor licence, a transfer of the liquor licence needs to be submitted to the regional liquor board. Once again, if the applicant does not complete the process properly, or entrusts this vital step to a fly-by-night liquor licence consultant, they risk finding themselves in trouble with the SAPS and the regional liquor board, unable to ever transfer the liquor licence again in the future, or even apply for a new licence.

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The first step to applying for, renewing, transferring or cancelling your South African liquor licence involves finding the right consultant to represent you. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. The staff at Leon Slotow Attorney are standing by to help you with any queries you have and get the process started on your behalf.

Liquor licenses in South Africa

We have compiled a list of the most common types of liquor licences available in South Africa along with the costs of these types of licences.

While most people are more concerned with the annual cost of a liquor licence renewal, few remember to take into consideration the upfront costs of first applying and then getting one. While there is absolutely no definitive answer to this question, we have endeavoured in the post below to give you an idea of some of the costs associated with obtaining, holding and maintaining a liquor licence.

We cannot stress enough that these figures are merely guidelines of the costs. You will more than likely land up paying slightly more than the figures quoted below. This will depend on numerous factors including: READ MORE




How much does a Liquor Licence cost?
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The liquor industry in South Africa is one that changes daily. Keep abreast of all the latest developments on new laws, new regulations and new factors effecting the trade and sale of liquor in South Africa…READ MORE